About Malik

Entrepreneur • Traveler • Affiliate Marketer

The Move Maker himself THE Malik Ali. Entrepreneur, Singer, rapper, world traveler, hand model, durag model, and comedic personality . What I am and what I do really depends on the day. I currently run both a Mobile Notary business and Mobile Fingerprinting Agency. I’m just out here trying to be a resource and inspiration frfr so check out all my Moves and Gems so you can get yo money up!

my origin story

I’ve been an entrepreneur and pursued entrepreneurship since childhood. I use to make and sell origami creations to family and friends at community gatherings. I  graduated with a B.S in Supply Chain management from the illustrious North Carolina A&T. Upon graduating in 2018 I became a Global Supply Chain Professional at a Fortune 200 company that’s listed in Gartner’s Top 25 Supply Chains. That wasn’t enough for me.  After seeing a Real Estate Investor post a $60,000 check from wholesaling which was my salary at the time  I knew there was more out there for me to do. I started listening to the Millionaire Mindset Podcast from episode 1 in search of something that I could create for myself. I then found Andre Hachett’s episode about becoming a mobile notary and instantly started doing my Googles. I purchased his course on July 31st and launched my business on September 16th. Had my first client who paid $300+ and knew that the lane was for me. With the help of Tirzah Moneé (founder of YesHoney Collective) I made 6-Figures from the business, quit my job, and began traveling the world. My current goal is to spread Malikism and Malik Supremacy across the world. To do that I am building businesses and creating content that will positively impact everyone.

“Malik Supremacy”

Why Work With Me?

I know you see that smile!? Why wouldn’t you want to work with me. Handsome, funny, and intelligent.

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