Looking to make six figures or more? I got you. Here are five 6-figure businesses you can start in 30 days or less. 

Mission: Meme to Millions

When J. Cole said, “Some People Make Millions, Other People Make Memes.” it became personal with me. I have since then vowed to do both. So I am learning how to generate multiple streams of income while staying true to my value of having fun while making money.

I want to share resources and my Meme to Millions Mindset with others who want to create passive income and live life on their own terms.

the anti-broke agenda:

Stop Sacrificing Time For Money

Work smarter not harder. Automate your businesses by leveraging tools and business systems to create more freedom.

Stack Don’t Lack

Delayed gratification will make you rise to the occasion. Save your money to make larger strategic moves. 

Business Money Ain’t Yo Money

Profit does not equal personal income. It is important to reinvest profits to scale your business. 

Making More Money > Saving money

It is easier to increase your income than decrease your lifestyle. Put every dollar to work by making sure every dollar is allocated. 

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